Gobid sponsor dell’esposizione di Rubens

La nostra Casa d’aste Gobid è lieta di comunicare la sua partecipazione, in qualità di sponsor, ad un evento irripetibile che coinvolge Matelica e il mondo dell’arte. Proprio nella città che ospita la nostra sede operativa sarà esposto un quadro dal valore inestimabile del celebre pittore fiammingo Paul Rubens “Carità del Duca Rodolfo”.

Con grande orgoglio Matelica, dopo 50 anni, espone per la prima volta al grande pubblico il capolavoro dell’ineguagliabile artista, raccontando la sua interessantissima storia: partendo da Filippo V Re di Spagna che lo commissionò, passando per la famiglia Churchill fino ad arrivare all’eccezionale ritrovamento e il successivo restauro.

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Dal 28 giugno al 17 settembre, sarà quindi possibile ammirare la tela e conoscerne gli aneddoti che segnarono la sua storia presso la chiesa di Sant’Agostino, in via Umberto I a Matelica. Per maggiori informazioni vi invitiamo a visitare il sito http://www.rubensospiteamatelica.com/.

La partecipazione all’evento segna il nostro sempre più vivo impegno e interessamento per il mondo dell’arte, Gobid infatti è in grado di offrire al momento anche aste di questo settore, invitiamo pertanto a cliccare sul link che segue per visionare i preziosi dipinti olio su tela che sono attualmente in vendita sulla nostra piattaforma online alla sezione Arte – Antichità – Collezionismo:



Gobid sponsor of the Rubens exhibition 

Our Auction House Gobid is pleased to announce its participation as a sponsor, to a unique event that involves Matelica and the art world. In the town that is home to our headquarters will be shown a picture of inestimable value of the famous Flemish painter Paul Rubens “Charity of the Duke Rodolfo”.

With great pride Matelica, after 50 years, is exhibiting for the first time to the general public the masterpiece of unique artist, telling his interesting story: starting from King Philip V of Spain, who commissioned it, through the family until you get to Churchill ‘exceptional discovery and the subsequent restoration.

From June 28 to September 17, it will be possible to admire the painting and know the anecdotes that marked its history at the Church of St. Agostino, in via Umberto I in Matelica. For more information http://www.rubensospiteamatelica.com

The event marks our increasingly commitment and interest in the world of art, indeed Gobid  is also able to offer at the time auctions of this sector. We invite you to click on the link below to view the precious oil paintings on canvas that are currently for sale on our online platform in the section Art – Antiques – Collectibles:


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Purchase Offers Gathering – Malghet Aut Refuge – Dolomites (Italy)

It is possibile to send purchase offers for  Malghet Aut Refuge, located at 1861 mt, on one of the most prestigious  stations of the ski district Folgarida , Marileva, Madonna di Campiglio.
The context is the Val di Sole , one of the most beautifiul valleys of Trentino,  a highly touristic area , rich in natural and cultural attractions.

About 30% of 9.000.000 yearly passages on the plants of Folgarida Marilleva district crosses the area in front of the refuge, specifically , a total amount of  2.751.291 passages in 2013/2014 season.

Until 30/06/2015 it will be possibile to send purchase offers on the property which consists of Bar restaurant and related services included in Folgarida Malghet Aut (Dimaro- Trento) cablecar top station.

Register to the website and download the  participation form by clicking on the related button in order to send the purchase offer. 

For further details please check the informative brochure and appraisal attached in the referring webpage.

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News of the week

This is a very busy week for our auction house. This afternoon we are in Benevento inside a training course dedicated to insolvency proceedings and tomorrow we will be the main sponsor of another event in Ancona, dedicated to the success and failure of the composition with creditors.

Gobid is growing and spreading its presence in the most important national events related to the issues of bankruptcy and liquidations, in order to improve its service.

Check now our auctions in progress ->http://www.gobid.it/en/auctions/



Boats and luxury yachts are in auction on Gobid.it

Among the assets belonging to the category Transport and Logistics  there are always more boats, luxury yachts and nautical equipments in auction. Our platform currently offers more than fifty lots related to this growing sector.

Here are the links of three important autions of nautical goods. Hurry up! Don’t miss the opportunity to bid on the boat you are looking for:

auction n. 466  http://www.gobid.it/en/auctions/Yachts-and-Boats-Nautical-Equipment-Milan-Law-Court-Bankr.-721-2013-Sale-n-3/#1,0,0,0,

auction n. 467  http://www.gobid.it/en/auctions/2014-09-26-Luxury-Yachts-and-Boats-Messina-Law-Court-a-Bankr.-08-2013-Sale-n.3/#1,0,0,0,

auction n. 441 http://www.gobid.it/en/auctions/2014-09-11-Yachts-and-Boats-Latina-Law-Court-Bankr.-93-2012/#1,0,0,0,

These days we are present at the Genoa International Boat Show  also with our aerial advertising!

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Gobid.it - Industrial Auctions


This time Gobid.it allows you to bid on unsold lots from the previous auctions round.  Prices have been reduced by 20%. More than 100 vehicles available as

well as spare parts, garage equipment and office furniture.

Vehicles are mostly in very good condition and located in Padova (PD) – Italy while spare parts consist of more than 40.000 original Mercedes items coming from three different warehouses

Here are the links:






Hurry up! Auctions start on May 6th….


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Gobid.it - Industrial Auctions

From April 8th unitl April 10th   on Gobid.it it will be possible to bid on 5 really interesting auctions:

You can find  more than 120 new and used vehicles in very good condition.

Here are the links:



In addition Gobid.it offers you the chance to bid on a wholesale of more than 40.000 original spare parts Mercedes Benz, more than 3000 m2 garage equipment and over 1000m2 of office furninute:




All lots are located in Italy: Padova (PD) and Pernumia (PD).

Viewings will be possible, by appointment, on April the 4th and the 8th.

Be fast, be first…

Go bid it!

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A  special online auction on plastics machinery and equipment is currently ongoing on gobid.it since February 6th.

Lots consist of the following injection moulding machines:

– MIR HMPC 3000/35120 ECO

– MIR – HMPC 1600 + Giga CNC/A3500/2600/1200 -CE

– Sumitomo Demag Sytec 500/920-3300- CE

– Sumitomo SE 280 HD-C1600 -CE

– MIR RMPE 140/360


Moreover, you can find also robots, accessories and equipment.

Lots are in very good condition and the starting prices, as usual, are very interesting.

As Gobid.it policy, in this auction  a maximum offer placed by the user may be considered as a final offer thus determining the advanced sale of the lot. In such case the user will be contacted to finalize the selling.

What are you waiting for? Registrer and place your bid!

Here is the link:


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A new auction started today!

This time Gobid.it offers you a wide range of  agricultural and garden equipment at very interesting starting prices .

Among over 100 lots you can easily bid on agricultural machinery, garden machinery,  mowers,  bushcutters, spare parts and many more goods, new and used,  in very good condition.Agriculture-and-Gardening_en

Visit www.gobid.it,  register for the auction and place your bid!

Here is the link…


The auction will end January 31st at 15:00 GMT+1

Have fun!


When buying a car from unofficial channels,  always be aware of  possible scams.

Just a case: yesterday 16 people have been arrested in Northen Italy and charged with fraud. The organized crime operating mainly in Milan and Veneto area:  pretending to be car sellers on the internet, they stole customers cars, falsified registration documents and re-selled cars abroad at higher prices.

Tenth of scams have been registered since 2010, especially on high-powered cars, which have been illegaly exported and selled mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. Further investigations brought to light a connection between the local crime and a wider network operating in Milan and Berlin specialized in car scams.

Thus, general advice is to check not only registration documents, but also, for example, serial numbers and any other useful document. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller what you want to know, he should be willing to help you. It is easier to make a safe business deal  with  sincere car dealers as long they have a good reputation along with a positive car dealership online marketing.

Read more (Italian):



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How important are forklifts in the current economic system?

A recent article published by the website ForkliftArticles.com “An Overview of the International Forklift Industry” underlines the importance of Forklifts in the new global markets.0_DSC_8971

The article basically goes back to Industrial revolution in mid-1800 until recent days and compares forklifts to the single inventions (telephone, radio, television, computer) which transformed societies and brought relevant changes in several sectors. Thus, forklifts have been instrumental in the creation of the current technological advances in the industrial world especially in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining and transportation.

Are these daring comparisons?  Well, maybe not…

If we think about how many times a single product encounters a forklift during its lifetime we should maybe agree with the authors: researches sets as between 15 to 21 the times a product meets a forklift in its life cycle, from creation to storage and delivery. So if we apply this theory to all products manufactured worldwide we may say that forklifts are surely vital for our economy.

In fact, forklifts market during the last decade increased strongly especially in emerging markets. Here we quote  an interesting part concerning China:

‘Another way of looking at the number of forklifts being used in society today is to consider China, where the majority of consumer products are manufactured.  According to http://www.reportlinker.com, a Research-In-China industry report issued in 2012 reports that China is playing an increasingly prominent role in the global forklift market. Since it became the world’s first largest forklift sales market in 2009, China has been ranking No. 1 in sales volume of forklifts which has constituted around a quarter of the global total.’

In conclusion we may say that although forklifts may not be compared with telephone or the internet, we can surely argue that a world without forklift would be much slower and less functional.

Now the issue switches to what will come next… How will logistics industry develop in the future?  Will forklifts still be vital or will technology overcome? What do you think?

Meanwhile on www.gobid.it a new Used Forklifts Auction  has just started!Forklifts_en

Lots consist of Electric and Diesel forklifts in good condition from  known brands such as Caterpillar, OM, Toyota and many more at very interesting starting prices.

Here is the link:




Read more:


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