How important are forklifts in the current economic system?

A recent article published by the website “An Overview of the International Forklift Industry” underlines the importance of Forklifts in the new global markets.0_DSC_8971

The article basically goes back to Industrial revolution in mid-1800 until recent days and compares forklifts to the single inventions (telephone, radio, television, computer) which transformed societies and brought relevant changes in several sectors. Thus, forklifts have been instrumental in the creation of the current technological advances in the industrial world especially in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining and transportation.

Are these daring comparisons?  Well, maybe not…

If we think about how many times a single product encounters a forklift during its lifetime we should maybe agree with the authors: researches sets as between 15 to 21 the times a product meets a forklift in its life cycle, from creation to storage and delivery. So if we apply this theory to all products manufactured worldwide we may say that forklifts are surely vital for our economy.

In fact, forklifts market during the last decade increased strongly especially in emerging markets. Here we quote  an interesting part concerning China:

‘Another way of looking at the number of forklifts being used in society today is to consider China, where the majority of consumer products are manufactured.  According to, a Research-In-China industry report issued in 2012 reports that China is playing an increasingly prominent role in the global forklift market. Since it became the world’s first largest forklift sales market in 2009, China has been ranking No. 1 in sales volume of forklifts which has constituted around a quarter of the global total.’

In conclusion we may say that although forklifts may not be compared with telephone or the internet, we can surely argue that a world without forklift would be much slower and less functional.

Now the issue switches to what will come next… How will logistics industry develop in the future?  Will forklifts still be vital or will technology overcome? What do you think?

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