An analysis taken last month by ‘Automobile Club d’Italia’ revealed that in october used vehicles market in Italy, especially cars and  motorbikes  registered  +6% compared with the same month in 2011. Basically every 100 new cars sold, 213 used have been sold at the same time (source: Image

Such stats may be addressed by the economic crisis which is hitting the country, but also by the new trends of used cars market. The latter in fact is experiencing a costant growth also in US and Europe. But why?

According to a Chicago Tribune article reasons are an increasing choice as well as an improving reliability: greater durability of vehicles, and in some cases the availability of warranties make buying a used car less of a gamble.  What’s your opinion about it? welcomes you to take a look at our stock available. This time it won’t be an auction selling but a negotiation. Hurry up there are real deals!  Here is the link:

Corimac Group , more specifically Corimactrade & News srl is trademark owner. Since more than 30 years Corimac group is a sector leader in acquisition and management of industrial assets both in Italy an internationally.

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One thought on “ITALIAN USED VEHICLES MARKET: +6% in 2012

  1. Italian car’s statistica should be’ approached with a certain prudence. Used vehicles numbers are “gross” of so called “mini volture” i.e. B to b transactions that are registered as property transfer, to allow tax exemption while in stock.
    Month by Month numbers usually reports only gross data, wvile yearly data do report net numbers and I’m afraid that 2012 will register a further 2-3% down, with B to C share down in the order of 8-9 %.

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